Live Online Lessons – Register your attendance

Please find below the latest schedule for live lessons.

Live lessons run for between 40-90 minutes and cover the Level 2 and Level 3 theory, allowing you to complete your course workbooks/online tests. There will also be a Q&A session at the end of every lesson.

Please register your attendance at, you will need to register for each event separately.

If we don’t get enough interest/attendance for these lessons, unfortunately we will need to cancel them… Please do make the most of them.

* Attendance is not compulsory, you can still continue to study at your own pace.

Level Unit Presentation Date
2 1 Anatomy and physiology 1 Skeletal system 31-May
2 Neuromuscular system 03-Jun
3 Cardiovascular and respiratory system 07-Jun
4 Energy system 10-Jun
5 Digestive system 14-Jun
6 Health and wellbeing
7 Components of fitness 17-Jun
2 Maximising the customer experience in the exercise environment 1 Professionalism 21-Jun
2 Exploring the needs of customers
3 Customer care excellence 24-Jun
4 Personal and professional development
3 Health and safety 1 Rights and responsibilities for health and safety 28-Jun
2 Hazards and risks
3 Normal and emergency operating procedures
4 Maintaining the safety of the gym environment 01-Jul
5 Cleaning and COSHH
4 Client consultations 1 Collecting client information 05-Jul
2 Health-related measurements and fitness testing
3 Positive behaviour change 08-Jul
4 Goal setting and review
5 Healthy lifestyle 12-Jul
6 Healthy eating
7 Technology
5 Planning and instructing 1 Planning gym-based exercise 15-Jul
2 Preparation and monitoring intensity 19-Jul
3 Instructing skills
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