Introducing your new Educate Fitness Tutor Team

As an organisation, we have always taken the support we provide to our students as our principal guidance point. It’s the reason our students continue to support us and refer us as regularly as they do. For this reason, we are implementing a new structure that we believe will further enhance the service and support we offer.

Moving forward, we are creating tutor teams’. The tutor team will include your lead tutor, along with a team of experienced tutors/assessors.

Your lead tutor has overall responsibility for your course, and will now be supported by a team of tutors who can help and support you at any time. If you need help or support from any of your tutor team, please email them at Please ensure you use this email in the future and not your current tutor’s email, as this new process will ensure we answer your queries with the utmost speed and efficiency (this also means sending your workbooks/practical assessment links for marking)… Don’t forget to add this new email to your email contacts, to ensure we don’t fall foul of the ever-changing (and mind-boggling) junk/spam rules.

Our office number remains 0203 794 9250.

As mentioned, this is part of an organisational restructure that will better support our continued mission of providing the best possible service and support to our students. It will also help us further improve our response times and the quality of responses to you, our valued student.

You will not lose the personal touch of dealing with someone who understands your course and progress, instead, the major benefit is that you now have a team of experts to guide you on your journey. Your tutor team meets weekly to discuss student progress, therefore every member of your tutor team will offer the best service and support… in a timely manner.

PS – To ensure nothing falls through the cracks all the emails to the previous email address will still be received and will be dealt with. We’ve ensured internally that those emails are rerouted to the team.

Very best

Educate Fitness Team

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